In the heart of Huntingdon


Small, friendly  group classes in the heart of Huntingdon in addition to specialist 1-2-1 tuition in yoga, dance and Pilates.


Group classes run throughout the year. They are paid for in half-termly blocks in line with the school year. 

Due to current regulations our 'in person' classes at the studio are limited to 6. 

Some classes have an 'online' option where you can join the streamed class live. 

Class Timetable

Meditation Class


Private classes are incredibly beneficial whether you are new or a seasoned practitioner. They can be particularly helpful when recovering from illness or surgery or if suffering with specific medical conditions



1hour session - £45

6 week block - £250

(add £10  class per extra person, 3 people maximum)

Contact us for more information


Our beginner courses and workshops run throughout the year.. These offer an introduction into basic principles, exercises and postures and are extremely useful for those new to Pilates/yoga.  Get in touch for more details.

“This course has helped my back problems which I had in the lower and upper back. It has helped to relieve these problems and I am able to sleep better. Before this course I would wake up in agony, often having to take painkillers. I no longer take these.”    

Emily D.

I'd always been interested in trying out yoga and a six-week introduction under her guidance was the perfect way to start.  She is a great teacher who gives a lot of encouragement (necessary for a novice like me!) and clearly loves what she does."

Thom. B



“Amazing teacher. Very kind and knowledgeable”


“sensitive and empathetic - really knows her stuff”

Adele Misell


“Consistently excellent” Lynette


“Would never get up this early for anyone”

Michelle Macleerd


“Danielle’s classes have made a huge difference to my back problems - Thank you!”


“Have enjoyed every minute of Danielle’s amazing classes - my back and posture have greatly improved!!

Thank you!”


“Thank you for your guidance in classes to ensure my correct posture. It’s all made a big difference to my hip and back!” Sam


The therapy rooms is home to various therapists and personal trainers. Please contact them individually for more information.

KBy Kelly  Holistic Therapy

Gez Coville Stretch and Strength

Reflexology by Chloe

WE are currently looking for more therapists to join us. If you are interested in hiring a therapy space please contact us on: 07784563005 or email Danielle at:

07784 563005

If you would like to know how we can help you, contact us on: 07784563005 or

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