Our group classes run throughout the year in half-termly blocks. 

Currently sessions are run both online and in-person. Classes are kept small to ensure plenty of personal attention.

10.30am Yoga (general)
6.15pm Yoga (Intermediate)
7.25pm Pilates (Intermediate)
8.30pm Yoga Flow

9.50am Buff Bones®
6.20pm Pilates (Starts April)
7.25pm Men's Class

6.15pm Intro to yoga (Starts April)
7.25pm Pilates (improvers/intermediate)

6pm KinStretch with Gez

9-2pm Private Classes


Spring Dates

Term 1

W/c 10th January – w/c 7th Feb (5 weeks - £56.25)

Term 2


w/c 21st Feb -  w/c 28th March ( 6 weeks - £67.50)

Laughing Yoga



PILATES (Improvers)

This class offers more in depth look at the exercises and how to perform them safely. It is ideal for those who have recently completed a beginners course/workshop or those returning to Pilates.


PILATES (General)

This class is a general level class suitable for anyone with previous experience of Pilates and the basics. Various levels of each exercise are offered so that each individual can chose the option that is most beneficial to them. Guidance and corrections are given throughout the class.


PILATES (Intermediate)

This class is a faster, more dynamic style class. It requires a good understanding of the Pilates principles and looks at some of the more challenging exercises taken from the original 34 Matwork exercises.

Yoga Session

YOGA (Beg/General)

This is very similar to the general level class and follows the same strucure  but is taken at a slower pace and allows for more focus on how to find the correct posture for you body.

Yoga Session

YOGA (General)

This is a Hatha style class suitable for most. Starting with some 'grounding'. warm up stretches leading up to standing. This is followed by sun salutations, standing postures, deeper stretches and finally relaxation.

Practicing Yoga


This is based on the full primary series of the Ashtanga system. It is a dynamic style of yoga where after a physically challenging warm up each posture is held for 5 breaths before completing a 'vinyasa'. This 'vinyasa' is used as a tool along with 'ujjayi' breath to help maintain the heat in the body and thus derive its therapeutic effects. This is most suitable for those who have previous experience of yoga and/or who are already physically fit.

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga


This class is specifically designed to help build and strength bones. It is safe and has been medically endorsed for those with Osteoporosis and Osteopenia. It is heavily based on Pilates exercises but also incorporates strengthening and standing work.



The ideal class for men who may feel that Pilates is ‘just for women’

This class uses a mixture of Pilates and yoga to teach safe and effective movement and is geared for those suffering from back pain as well as for those who just want to improve their movement.



Our beginner courses and workshops run through out the year. You can see more information here or contact us to register your details.



This class is a dynamic and challenging class suitable for those who are already used to physical exercises/yoga. Booking for this class is directly with GEZ:

07796268108/ gezcoville@hotmail.com