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Yoga by the Sea

“As a complete beginner in Yoga I find Danielle's class to be an extremely enjoyable experience. Both relaxing and challenging when it needs to be this is really a great start to day as it helps me center and exercise, as well as let go of the week's worries. I think Danielle is a wonderful instructor, taking time helping each member of the class and making the hour just fly by!”


"I started Pilates with Danielle as a complete beginner and I've been enjoying her classes for a while now.  I'd always been interested in trying out yoga and a six-week introduction under her guidance was the perfect way to start.  She is a great teacher who gives a lot of encouragement (necessary for a novice like me!) and clearly loves what she does."


“I found it very helpful to know when I wasn’t in a posture correctly and to be corrected. I also really like being offered possible alternatives for poses as this allowed me to experiment with what worked for me. I also found it helpful to have the space to do things at my own speed/pace/ with my natural breathing rather than as a group. I think Danielle’s energy and enthusiasm of yoga as a teacher also came across which always makes things more enjoyable.”



“This course has helped my back problems which I had in the lower and upper back. It has helped to relieve these problems and I am able to sleep better. Before this course I would wake up in agony, often having to take painkillers. I no longer take these.”    


“Danielle is a very professional practitioner with a wide range of skills which adapts to meet the individual need of the member.  You can have every faith in her and we recommend Danielle to anyone who requires improvement in movement and fitness.”


“I first went to Danielle’s Pilates classes about a year ago, I have been doing Pilates for about 7 years and it was so refreshing to go to Danielle’s class. She is the best trainer I have ever had. She encourages me to keep improving and to get stronger and stronger; she demonstrates the movements and always checks to ensure that I am doing the exercises correctly.

Training with her is a highly motivating and fulfilling experience; she is passionate and enthusiastic which rubs off in the class. I cannot recommend Danielle enough and always look forward to her lessons.”

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