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Yoga is a wonderful system that connects the body, mind and soul. It offers an opportunity to focus inwards, and become in tune with of our bodies. It has been associated with many health benefits  and is particularly useful for those suffering from stress and anxiety as well as being a wonderful way to strengthen and tone the body.

Group classes run with the school terms and cost £11.25 a class. Numbers are kept small  to ensure plenty of personal attention.

Hatha Yoga 


This style of yoga usually starts with some breathing and relaxation lying down, this is then followed by gentle movements, sitting and standing postures, sun salutations and finally relaxation.


Ashtanga Yoga

The Ashtanga style of yoga  combines long held postures with a flowing 'vinyasa' or group of postures between. It follows a 'syllabus' of postures usuaully practiced in the same order each session.  This dynamic form of yoga is best suited to those who already exercise frequently and are in good health.

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