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Private classes are incredibly beneficial whether you are new or a seasoned practitioner. They can be particularly helpful when recovering from illness or surgery or if suffering with specific medical conditions.

Having 1-2-1 attention helps you gain more knowledge and allows for subtle corrections which will change how you view an exercise/posture.


What you will gain from a private session:

  • a session planned and designed based on your needs and goals

  • personal attentin throughout the whole sessio

  • deeper understanding and knowledge of the Pilates system/yoga methodology

  • a hthe ability to listen to the body and self-adjust

  • Homework sheet where needed of exercises and postures for you to practice in between sessions



Prices with a member of our team start at:

1-2-1 - £55 per hour

6 week block - £300


2-2-1 - £65 per hour

6 week block - £350

(add £10  class per extra person, 3 people maximum)

Prices with Danielle start at £65 p/h please get in touch directly to discuss your needs.

Private Classes

What our Customers say...

“Amazing teacher. Very kind and knowledgeable”
“sensitive and empathetic - really knows her stuff”
Adele Misell
“Consistently excellent” Lynette
“Would never get up this early for anyone”
Michelle Macleerd
“Danielle’s classes have made a huge difference to my back problems - Thank you!”
“Have enjoyed every minute of Danielle’s amazing classes - my back and posture have greatly improved!!
Thank you!”
“Thank you for your guidance in classes to ensure my correct posture. It’s all made a big difference to my hip and back!” Sam



Well, very much like a regular class you will benefit from improved posture, increased mobility and strength, lengthened muscles, better breathing and much more. The difference in a 1-2-1 session is that the whole session is tailored to your specific needs and goals. You can ask as many questions and the pace of the class is very much led  by you.


We will discuss any medical issues and past injuries  these are important to know when designing a session for you as certain exercises may be better for you. We will then discuss any goals and plans that you have so that we can get your body ready to achieve these. This may be wanting to relax, training for a marathon or recovering from surgery.

We will then get started with a session, we will look at all the basic principles in Pilates. There will be a lot to take in week 1 but don’t worry, it will all make sense in time.


Very simply, anyone who wants one. Everyone can benefit from a 1-2-1 session whether you’re a beginner wanting a session by yourself first to get you started or if your a seasoned Pilates practitioner wanting a little more guidance on the more advanced move.. Maybe there are a few exercise you struggle with… a private session is the perfect opportunity for a little more 1-2-1 help and guidance.

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